Easily Copy Content

MOBI's text editor was intelligently designed so that you can easily copy and paste content you may already have existing on another site. It maintains the formatting (spacing, bullets, numbering, links, etc.) and removes any custom styling to ensure the text remains consistent with the rest of the pages in your site. To copy content from another site to a page within your site follow the steps below:

1. In the Designer select the page you want to modify from the site map (For more information on selecting a page from the site map click here).

2. Drag a Text tool from the toolbox in the Designer window (For more information on the toolbox click here).

3. Select the Body tab in the properties window for the Text tool (For more information on the properties window click here).

4. In another window navigate to the URL that contains the content you wish to copy.

5. Highlight the text, right click and select Copy.

6. Back in the Designer for MOBI, paste the content into the editor within the properties window.

If you copied the content correctly you should see the content in the Designer window and in the text editor within the properties window. Some very minor tweaks may be required to get everything looking exactly like you want it.

Copying from Word

When copying from Word or any other editor, MOBI takes a "best effort" approach. Most of your content will copy correctly. However, because Word formats content the way it does, it can be quite difficult to accurately translate the information into HTML. Rather than attempting to officially fully support copying from Word and deal with all of it's issues, MOBI will simply translate the content as best as possible, maintaining every word and phrase, and allow you to simply tweak the formatting as you see fit.

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