Listing Requirements: Industrial sites - 20 acres Minimum. Office sites - 10 acres minimum. We do not list commercial or residential properties.

  1. Site Name
  2. Total Acres
  3. Remaining Acres
  4. Largest Tract (acres)
  5. Largest Rail Tract (acres)
  6. Largest Graded Tract (acres)
  7. Can Subdivide?
  8. Sale or Lease?
  9. Price per Acre
  10. Pricing Date
  11. City
  12. County
  13. Zip Code
  14. Former Use
  15. Proposed Use
  16. Zoning Code (M1 etc.)
  17. Zoning Description
  18. Covenants
  19. Development of Regional Impact Study
  20. Police Protection
  21. Fire Protection
  22. Fire Insurance Rating
  23. Gas Wholesaler
  24. Local Gas Distributor
  25. Gas On Site
  26. Distance to gas main (miles)
  27. Gas main size (in)
  28. Gas Main Location
  29. Telecom Provider
  30. Tip: Good sources for water and sewer data include your local utilities, development authorities, or city managers.
  31. Water on site
  32. Distance to water main (miles)
  33. Water main size (in)
  34. Water Main Location
  35. Water Plant or System Name
  36. Water Source
  37. Permitted Water Capacity (mgd.)
  38. Average Water Use (mgd.)
  39. Excess Water Capacity (mgd.)
  40. Tip: Excess water capacity is calculated by subtracting the average use from the permitted capacity.
  41. Sewer on site
  42. Distance to sewer main (miles)
  43. Sewer main size (in)
  44. Sewer Main Location
  45. Sewer Plant Name
  46. Permitted Sewer Capacity (mgd.)
  47. Sewer Average Flow (mgd.)
  48. Sewer Excess Capacity (mgd.)
  49. Tip: Excess sewer capacity is calculated by subtracting the average use from the permitted capacity.
  50. Rail Access
  51. Dual Rail
  52. Primary Rail Provider
  53. Additional Rail Provider
  54. Primary Access Road
  55. Secondary Access Road
  56. Phase One Environmental
  57. Wetlands Delineation
  58. Geotech Study
  59. Contact
  60. Phone
  61. Email Address
  62. Company
  63. Contact Address
  64. Please attach a map of the site with boundaries:
  65. Real Estate Flyer (Optional):

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